About This Website

I am the admin / “IEatBabies” around the interwebs. I don’t actually eat babies. I am a college student. I am also female. We are a small team that runs this website and I mostly write the code but am technically the leader since I started it. For the computer nerds out there:

When it comes to content, we try to get them from a variety of sources. Mostly torrents and other websites. We try to stay away from things that are already licensed in English. I will upload 2 times a week, Mondays’ and Fridays’ at the moment. I’ll probably upload nearly every day if I’m on a break from school though. If you have something specific that you would like to see on this website, you can also email at the bottom or make a post on our forum aka subreddit.

Upcoming Features / News

This may or may not be outdated. I tend to post website news here

Support This Website / Web Mining

If you like this website and want it to be around for a while (if not, you’re lame 😐), you should consider supporting it. Porn ads really suck. It’s especially annoying when you’re trying to read and some gross meatporn is flashing in your face. However, I can understand that it’s often a necessity. Adult content is hard to monetize since 99% of legit businesses don’t want to be associated with you. It’s important for me to note that this website must cover it’s own expenses for it to survive. I don’t want to have to place ads if it’s avoidable but I cannot pay for this website if it gets large. This is more of a hobby.

  1. The donate page.

  2. If you happen to be looking for some good web hosting, there’s an easy way to help yourself and help this website too. Digital Ocean is doing a promotion where if you sign up with my referral link you get 100$ of free credit and I get 25$ of free credit. Digital Ocean is a popular low cost VPS hosting company (So not the CPanel type btw). You can get a nice VPS (droplet) with generous specs for only 5$ a month.

About Web Mining

I was excited when coinhive came out with cryptocurrency mining in the browser because I see it as the best compromise between usability and monetization. Porn traffic already pays shit so there probably won’t be that much of a difference in revenue (good thing static hosting is cheap). Best part is, it costs you next to nothing. It won’t harm your computer. The fans may run, but if you’ve ever played online videogames, it’s not any more taxing on your computer or your electricity bill than that. It’s virtually unnoticable vs obnoxious ads. It’s safer than ads, since there is no risk of accidentally downloading a virus. It’s also more privacy friendly than ads. No tracking, profiling or collecting data to send to 3rd parties.

It runs on very low power (idle 40% of the time) as default on this website instead of ads. It runs at an even lower power (idle 60% of the time) on mobile devices to avoid draining your battery. At the moment there is no opt out but I am writing this as a disclaimer. It can not be completely turned off, but you can control the power it uses on the donate page as well as see some cool stats about how much money I make from it (Hint: Not much! 😵). I am open to putting up a donation method or a way to pay to avoid mining if desired. Bills gotta get paid though.

For people who want other ways to help out, sharing this website with your friends or other hentai forums would be awesome.

Support The Things You Like

It’s important to support the things you like if you want them to last. If you love hentai, try and support the people who provide it for you. This includes the artists, the scanlators, and the aggregators.

You can buy hentai and support the artists here (list stolen from hentairules.net):

Support scanlators by visiting their website, donating and/or sharing their links. The websites of the scanlators is often included on the last page of the manga.