Before you press that upload button, there are a couple important rules:

HENTAI ONLY (No real people and definitely not illegal porn. Your ip address is recorded and can be blocked)


DONT USE THE UPLOAD MEDIA BUTTONS (put a link to images in the src field)

With those two important things in mind, here are the login credentials:

Username: anon@hentaku.org

Password: anon

Click Here to Upload Hentai

After saving your changes, beta.hentaku.org will be rebuilt and your changes should be visible within 10 minutes.

Assuming the admins approve your changes, they will be visible on hentaku.org upon the next site rebuild which is usually every 24 hours.

Detailed Upload Rules

Some things to keep in mind to increase the chances of your changes being accepted

It must be lower case. No special characters and no spaces. Only letters, numbers and - or _.

It should already be in proper format. Don’t change it

It can have special characters. Must be formatted as: English Name | Japanese Name | Romanji Name. Try very very hard to find all three. Ehentai and Nhentai are good at this

The name of the person who originally drew and wrote the manga. Use , for more than one. Use Unknown if you have tried very very hard and still can’t find the name

If you are uploading a new manga link to where the images are hosted. Preferably ehentai or hitomi.la or other websites where they don’t compress images. It is NEVER appropriate to use the upload media button. Images from this source will be uploaded to our special image server by an admin.

You need at least one tag. Parodies count as a tag and should be done like this [Parody] Parody Name. No special characters in tags, only letters numbers and spaces. Gendered tags are the only situation where there should be an _ in a tag. For example Long Hair_Female, Virgin_Male. Upper case the first letter in every word in a tag. Don’t make up new tags. Use the ones already on the site.

When a manga is broken up into a series, use the collection field to make it easier to navigate. The collection field is a list of the title of the other manga in chronological order (including the current manga). The manga in this field must already be uploaded to the website or it will break the website. Make sure you match the title field exactly or the website will break. You also have to do this for every manga in the series for the collection table to show up on each.

An objective description of the manga.